The Wunder360 C1 uses the latest film recording technology in a pocket-sized recording camera to give users the most convenient and intuitive way to record and share their their experiences. Every detail in the Wunder360 camera and mobile app (available on iOS and Android) has been designed to help you do recording on the go. Some highlight features include:

UHD Dual-lens 360°Panoramic Camera7-element dual lens and 1600 MP CMOS sensor for 360°panoramic 4K photos and 3K videos.

Built-in 6 Axis EIS StabilizationReduces camera shake produces clear photos/videos for a range of shooting conditions.

On-board StitchingIn-camera stitching software generates 360°spherical photos/videos without any post-processing.

SmartTrackSmartTracking technology focuses on a selected object, keeping it central to the picture / video.

Phantom ClipperWunder360 captures and freezes actions in a 360˚ image which means no post-production is necessary to share demos and stunts!

ReFrameSelect your favourite part of a 360° scene and frame it for a 1080P standard video.

Social Sharing and StreamingConnect to your smartphone via WIFI/UVC to live-stream 360° photos/videos on Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, Weibo and other popular platforms.

Free iOS and Android App Use our mobile app to make the most of the Wunder360. Use various viewing modes such as VR, panorama, tiny planet, and fish eye. Edit photos and videos by applying filters and backgrounds or creating time lapse moments. Upload edited videos onto social media when you’re ready!


  • Lens & Senor

    Number of Lenses: 2
    Focal Length/Aperture: f=0.94 F2.4
    Sensor Type: CMOS

  • Video & Photos

    FOV: 360°×360°
    Photo Size: 4096×2048 
    Video Size: 3040×1520@30fps 
    Camera Settings: Exposure/White Balance
    Stitching: In-Camera Real-time
    IMU: 6 Axis

  • Body

    Microphone: Built-in
    Memory: Micro SD Card
    Battery: 1000mAh
    Weight: 95g
    Dimensions: 109.3 × 45 × 35 mm
    Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz
    Data Interface: Micro USB 2.0
    Status Display: 32px × 64px

  • App Features

    App: iOS/Android
    Livestream: Facebook® and YouTube®