Wunder360 C1

The Best 360° Camera Makes You a Director


360° makes unlimited possibility

With a simple tap of your finger you can pan left or right, up or down across scenes, making it easy to find your perfect frame, every time.

Introducing Wunder360 C1

Pocket-sized 360 Recording Camera

Shoot First and Frame Later

With the ability to fully capture the 360 degree spherical scenes, and the all-new viewpilot point-to-frame feature. Forget the viewfinder from now on, get immerses in your experience and leave everything else to Wunder360 C1.

Cinematic Stabilization

Combing the latest stabilization technology in the movie industry, 360 videos are dramatically sharper and smoother like never before.

Stay focused

Smart object tracking technology always keep everything matters to you in the center of the frame.

Social sharing, in real-time

360 degree videos live-streaming ability which compatible with mainstream social networks including Facebook and YouTube. It is just one tap away from syncing your world with your family and friends.

Full HD 60FPS

Enhanced Full HD 60FPS capture crisp, clear images in vivid color.

Your all-in-one camera

You can use Wunder360 C1 100% independently without your phones and PCs, it is the only one camera to fulfil all your needs.